Better piglet performance and resistance, thanks to COLOVIT oral supplement.

Resistances, energy, vitality, and iron contribution; all with COLOVIT.

COLOVIT is a natural micronutrition product. Its immediate oral application to the piglet after birth, stimulates vitality and improves growth.

It strengthens resistance in the newborn piglet. In industrial pig farming, the colostrum of the sow is not good enough in quality nor quantity, since the female undergoes high levels of stress.  For that matter, COLOVIT covers this deficiency in the piglet´s immunization, since it contains Premium Colostrum and other protecting substances.

Higher metabolic performance in the piglet, thanks to the HOKOSAN micronized vitamins added in the product.

Balanced contribution of iron, through oral application, without infections caused by injections.  Iron injection on the first day of life hurt the piglet, and reduce its growth potential.  COLOVIT allows to postpone the injection up to the 8th day of life.

Improves the piglet´s digestion and enhances appetite.  COLOVIT stimulates the intestinal flora development for a better digestion.

COLOVIT ingredients, for the piglet´s performance and resistance:

  • Premium Colostrum: strengthens local immunity in the intestines.
  • Highly bioavailable iron: guarantees contribution of iron to piglet.
  • Micronized vitamins: contributes vitamins of immediate absorption.
  • Lactic Acid Bacteria: improve digestion.
  • Herbs and plants extract: enhance the piglet appetite and vitality.
  • Glucose: contributes concentrated energy of high bioavailability.

Colovit is a product manufactured in Switzerland, by Hofmann Nutrition AG..